Muzzle Loader Condition When I Began Work
There were no lock plates, lock mechanisms, or hammers.
Fortunately, the trigger mechanism, including the sear, was in place and actually functional.
Barrel wedge mortices in the forestock.
Obviously, one of my ancestors had applied a heavy, protective, working gun finish.
More than any other, this picture best represents the general condition of the old muzzle loader.
That diagonal cut mark proved invaluable later as I put the barrels back together!
After considerable work, one nipple eventually unscrewed with threads intact. The other one was cut out with a Dremel tool.
Even in this condition, those barrels are intimidating!
The Birmingham Gun Makers View Mark
The Birmingham Gun Makers Proof Mark! (But, it was a long time before I knew what these marks meant and what company did the work in Britain.)
Trigger guard forward filial.
The 40+ inch barrels on this monster required two wedges.
(One was missing and I eventually made a brass replacement. It is shown elsewhere.)
Ramrod Thimble.
Trigger Guard.
Barrel wedge lug.
Standing breech tang.
Butt Plate.
These pictures convey the condition of the muzzle loader when Dad gave it to me. Bill Chennault