The Grand Foyer Project
This is what the house looked like "pre-foyer" project.
Before you can have a foyer, you must have an enclosure! That was readily handled by this new door. Buy one. They almost give them away. :(

Now that the entry to the front porch is enclosed, thereby creating a foyer space, we realized that the foyer space was UGLY! It looked like the outside of the house, which, of course, it used to be. So, the grand foyer project begins!

First, we decide that the walls should be tiled. Sounds easy. Too bad I had never tiled anything, could barely spell mortar, and did not know that grout existed.

We were ready to spend $5k on a chandelier. Then, one day as if in a dream, we were walking through Lowes and spotted this beautiful piece for $234.00!
August 25 (or so), 2006
October 21, 2006

December 19, 2006

Decorations for Christmas!

(At this point it is about half grouted, as well.)

First Week of June, 2007

All wall tile grout work is finished! These pictures look pretty much the same as previous pictures, but they need to be here due to the fact that the walls are now finished!

The wall to the right of the corner was the VERY LAST WALL to be finished.
I was so proud of that wall I took a closeup of it.
I ordered the tin, Antique Rustic Copper ceiling this morning. ("Rustic" is a code word for "expensive.")
In a little less than two weeks, the ceiling tile arrived. The crown molding was back ordered, but it shipped June 26.
June 29, 2007 was the initial installation date! I need more hands to get around the chandelier.

July 1, 2007.

The ceiling is up! Next the crown molding goes up and a little corrective action needs to take place around the junction box for the chandelier. (A larger diameter "canopy" will handle that chore quite well!)

July 8, 2007
I started trying to figure out how to make the outside corners fit together. These were pre-cut corners that are just supposed to fit!

Obviously, they don't.

However, messing with them in the basement gave me some ideas about cutting them to fit. So, I did. I succeeded with one, but I had previously screwed the other one up and there was no hope of salvation.

More Rustic Antique Copper is on the way!

If you were passed out on the floor in my foyer--on the way out or the way in but hopefully the way out--this is what you would see when you woke up.
Blatantly gratuitous pretty pictures! So, SUE ME!
We are testing floor tile. Tell me which of the three tile patterns (four tiles in each row) you would pick. Row 1? Row 2? Row 3?
The following picture was taken "upside down" from the two above. Tell me which row you would pick! (All of the tile patterns are textured. None are smooth tile, like marble or granite. These just look that way.)

Barb took some of the copper ceiling to Benjamin Moore and asked them to try to match the paint. As you will see, the results were perfect.

The artist at work!

The light is not quite right in this and a few following pictures, but the paint match between the wood-work and the ceiling is absolutely perfect, as you will see later.
I wish I could do this . . . but I simply cannot paint! Barb does it perfectly.
This picture better represents the match between the new wood work paint and the ceiling. (The large dark bar across the picture is the wood that seperates the inner door from the inner transom.)
I stepped through the inner door to take this picture.
This is the first picture that truly represents the match between the new paint on the wood work and the ceiling color.
There are previous pictures like this one, above. But, I like them so you are stuck with them!
This is a very good picture illustrating the difference between the "old" paint--which we liked very much--and the new Benjamin Moore mix, which is absolutely perfect.
A good picture of the how well the ceiling tile color matches the new paint.
More of those pictures you have seen before . . . but this is a NEW one!
A very good shot of the new paint versus the old paint. (The new paint is on the transom and the old paint is on the door.)
Barb painted the outside corners with the new Benjamin Moore paint and improved the appearance ENORMOUSLY! (These pictures are "zoomed in." From the floor, the corners look absolutely perfect, thanks to Barbara!)
I completed sanding the door and Barb has started painting it with the new color. The contrast between the two colors is striking.
The artist beholding her work! I like it far, far better.
Well, I don't know how you get much prettier than below . . . unless I put Barb back in the picture.
A bunch of gratuitous, pretty pictures! But, they do give an excellent idea of what the foyer looks like in different light . . . chandelier low to high, off, flash, etc.

December 16, 2007

As the foyer nears completion, the following pictures indicate that our vision of the new entrance to our home is going to present itself in many ways, which is exactly what we originally desired.

I applied the "enhancer/sealer" to most of the wall tile today. In the picture below, the enhancer/sealer has been applied to the top portion of the wall. It is easy to see the difference when an enhanced vs. unenhanced portion of tile is in the same picture.
Christmas Chandelier 2007! Merry Christmas!

This is the medallion center-piece Barb chose. It is beautiful! This picture was taken when we unboxed it. There is no good way to put it together unless we are ready to lay it. Anyway, the round center-piece goes in the middle and the four corners close in on it.
December 19, 2007. The medallion removed from the backing and put together on the carpet.
December 27, 2007. The floor tile is being laid by professionals.
December 28, 2007. Today, the floor tiling was completed!
Tomorrow, we begin cleaning the tile.
December 30, 2007. Clean tile!
November, 2008: The final touch!